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Feather Stroke Brows 

Hair-like strokes are hand-painted onto the brows to mimic natural looking brows. This technique only suit certain skin types and may only suit those who have good brows to begin with. 

Combination Brows 

We create feather stroke brows in its entirety first and add soft shading at the end to create a fuller looking brows. This can be the most natural looking technique for most people. As real brow hairs create a natural shadow, adding shading to the ends and middle of the brows actually looks the most natural.

Ombre Brows

Soft powdery brows are created using new technique in the industry. This suits clients who wear makeup everyday and prefer a filled-in look. We focus colour on the ends and soften colour towards the front. A few feather-stroke can be added to the beginning of the brows which will make it more of a combination brow. Rest assured this technique is still very natural looking and suits most skin types and longer lasting.

Powder Brows

Soft powder brows are brows we shade in, similar to ombre brows but without the lighter front. Nothing like the old block tattoos, these new powder brows are beautiful and creates a filled in look. This technique suits all skin types and is longest lasting.


All new clients should come for a 15-30min in person consult with Grace. During the consult we look at your skin and brows in person and answer any of your questions. We go through pictures of brows you like and different techniques. We discuss shape, colour, healing process, your expectations and book the best time to do your brows. More information on the booking process here.

4-6 Week Touchup / Perfection Appointment.

All cosmetic brow tattoo require a second session at 4-6 weeks to perfect the brows. We tend to go natural and soft during the first session and add more at the second session if required.


As we use modern techniques, we respect your skin by going very superficial to ensure amazing healed results and beautiful brows over time. The second session we can review your healed results and add more colour, go darker and layer colour into the skin if required to achieve the best healed results for you. Note* your cosmetic tattoo is not finished until you do the touchup. 

Corrective Work

All work that is not done by Grace originally is considered corrective work. If you have previous tattoo, in most cases you will need to consider Combination, Ombre or Powder Brows to cover existing colour. In some cases you will need to consider saline removal first. Corrective work is not considered a 'touchup'. It is more difficult to work over existing 'unknown colour' and old shape rather than a fresh canvas. Touchup pricing is only for existing clients.