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Booking Process

To achieve best results for a tattoo on your face, invest in the time to consult with Grace. The more meticulous we are in preparing your for your treatment, the better your healed results will be. 

1. Consultation

All new clients must book in a face to face consultation. We go through:

- Skin analysis 

- Brow assessment

- Give recommendation on the best technique to achieve the results you want

- Contraindications

- Whether cosmetic tattooing is for you

- Plan the best time to do cosmetic tattooing and the 4-8 week touchup


*Consults are $50 and 15 - 20 mins long. If treatment is booked within 6 months, consult cost comes off the total price. 

2. Cosmetic Tattooing First Session

See our price list for different techniques of cosmetic tattooing. Grace will give you pre-appointment preparation instructions to achieve the best results. All your questions are answered by Grace during your consult. First sessions are usually 1.5 hours long.


*An additional $50 deposit is required to book in your first session. This comes off the total price.

3. Cosmetic Tattooing Second Session

Modern cosmetic tattooing is a multi-session process. Your brows are not complete until the second session is done. It's crucial to book your second session asap to ensure availability. Second sessions are usually 30 mins long.

* Touchup pricing depends on time lapsed since the first session. See price list. 


** See 'Our Policy' when making a booking. We reserve large blocks of time for each client. We respect your time so please respect ours. To ensure availability, book in advance. 

*** Most people only require 1 touchup at 4 - 8 weeks however you may need additional sessions depending on the look you want, your skin and aftercare. 

Ready to book online?
Follow this link to book in a consultation:

Pre-Appointment Info

To prepare for your consult:


Come to the consult the way you usually do your makeup and dress, this is an indication of your style and very important for Grace to understand your everyday style. 

Read as much information on our website, instagram and facebook for an overall understanding of cosmetic tattoo.

Save photos of brows you like on our page and bring photos of yourself with your makeup on and your everyday look. 

To prepare for your first session:


No blood thinners including caffeine, alcohol, fish oil and pain killers for two days before your cosmetic tattoo session. 

No exercise and sweaty activities e.g. sauna for one week after your first session. 

No swimming and sun exposure for two weeks after your first session. 

No wetting the brows in the shower for one week after your first session. You can use cold water to clean your brows before reapplying cream.

Follow numbing instructions provided at the consult. 

To prepare for your touchup:


Same instructions as the first session apply for your touchup.

Who is suitable for cosmetic tattoo:
Must not be: 
- Pregnant - Breast feeding clients must express before procedure as they cannot breast feed 48 hours post

- Under the age of 18
- Keloid Scarring
 - on the face
- Psoriasis - on the face

- Eczema - on the face

- Dermatitis - on the face
- Sunburn - face only

- Any major surgeries (discuss with Grace)

- Microdermabrasion, chemical peel, using active skincare products, botox within 14 days before or after cosmetic tattoo - face only

- Laser, IPL within 4 weeks - face only
- Roaccutane - Must wait 12 months after finishing course of this drug

- Steroid use 
- Thyroid, hormonal issues (discuss with Grace)

- Alopecia (discuss with Grace)
- Undergoing chemo or other medical treatments (discuss with Grace)
- Anxiety, dislike change, extremely nervous, not ready to do treatment etc

If you have any questions if you're unsure please email us using the form above.

FAQ: Can I do consult and treatment on the same day?


A: This depends on your situation. For clients who travel very far to see us or those who trust us by our reputation and social media already. We can review the photo of your brows and let you know. We will then do an online consult and ask you a list of questions to ensure there are no contraindications and send you pre and aftercare information prior and go through expectation management, healing process and get to know you over email or phone to ensure you are a suitable candidate first.

Please note consults take 15 - 20mins whilst cosmetic tattoo takes 1.5 hours. We will then book you in for treatment will be done on the same day. This is suitable for clients who have a clear understanding of cosmetic tattoo and trust us already.


This is not suitable for clients who are unsure, overly anxious, unable to deal with change or certain types of corrective work done. If you are unsure it's best to book a separate consult first. You will feel more comfortable that way.


We want to make sure our clients have a smooth and happy treatment process with us and ensure client satisfaction.

See more FAQs on our 'Services' tab or click here.